As a deeply authentic and heartfelt collection of harrowing true stories and reflections on sexual trauma, Echoes is a powerful anthology that seeks to shed light on the painful reality faced by male survivors of sexual abuse, along with the lasting mental and emotional scars that so many men carry with them. Told with a raw and gritty tone, this collection draws on the experiences of men from all walks of life, illuminating their silent struggle and the destructive impact that it has on their lives and relationships.

Compiling dozens of poignant real-life accounts, this ground-breaking book will open the hearts and minds of readers, offering male survivors a safe place to find solace from their pain and begin building a roadmap on their journey to wholeness. Whether you’re a parent worried about their sons, a spouse who wants to open up and understand the hidden pain of their male partner, or if you’re a male survivor of sexual abuse searching for answers and kinship, Echoes balances the painful truths of sexual violence with an underlying message of hope, healing, and a path to recovery.

As a must-read for anybody interested in hearing the untold stories of male sexual abuse survivors, Echoes encourages you to listen to their pain and reshape your views around this often-overlooked topic, stripping away the shame and silence so that more survivors can find the courage to come forward.

Echoes: The Stories of Male Survivors Overcoming Sexual Trauma